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Working in heights that are difficult to reach? We meet any challenge: Intelligent, highly efficient and cost-saving. Our qualified engineers and technicians, specializing in work at height and with years of experience as industrial climbers, will lower themselves onto their respective sectors of work, equipped with the appropriate gear, to carry out their work. Rope Network will develop an optimal height access concept for you and then implement it in collaboration with appropriate specialists. Rope Network uses the latest methods of rope access techniques. These height access methods enable industrial climbers to carry out work at height quickly and efficiently. Through this unique approach we are able to offer a comprehensive range of services for all works at height: construction, maintenance, inspections, repairs or safety measures during periods of work at high altitudes.

Our experienced industrial climbers, our state-of-the-art rope access methods and or flexibility guarantee a close cooperation with our customers which enables us to find personalized and cost-effective concept solutions for your projects.

Advantages of employing Rope Network industrial climbers:
- Minimization of costs
- Short-term and flexible resource scheduling
- Very little technical effort
- High reliability through certified equipment and individual project teams
- High flexibility and quality in the execution of assignments
- Marginal impairment of the environment
- No changes to the building structure

Our services at a glance
• Assistance with all construction services from planning to execution by our industrial climbers
• Complete assembly and disassembly
• Work on facades of glass, ceramic, stone or metal
• Refurbishment of masonry damage and damage caused by corrosion of concrete
• Installation of light, membrane and shell structures and roofs as well as prefabricated constructions
• Protective measures against falls from heights during construction periods by installing passenger safety nets, lifelines and fall protection fuses
• Corrosion protection and protective coatings
• Sealing of joints and joint repair
• Installation of fire and smoke detection systems - in stock and in new buildings
• Inspection and maintenance work
• Acquisition of extensive facility management services
• Cleaning of buildings and industrial facilities
• Documentation and state analyses
• Damage mapping, assessment and analysis
• Salt- and moisture measurements
• Surveying and mapping of crackings

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