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Rope Network is a consortium of the world's most experienced industrial climbers. Work at height requires specialists and that is why we exclusively work with industrial climbers who have completed vocational training, years of experience and are also certified as a worker at height by FISAT or IRATA. The long experience and high quality of our rope access specialists guarantee high-quality work even under challenging structural conditions. We meet the highest quality standards in the industry. For every project we assemble a team that is individually instructed and tailored to your project requirements. We offer professional one-stop service. Rope Network is able to carry out a project regardless of location and without much preliminary lead time. Through our international network we are able to provide project teams at any time worldwide.

Globally active and regionally rooted - our decentralized organizational structure and our global network of the best industrial climbers - according to German and international standards (FIAST and IRATA) - enables us to implement your projects worldwide. International and multilingual project teams act as your on-site partners.

Rope Network - the world's biggest network of industrial climbers.

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